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""Not Alexa Bliss. Submissive make me your little slut. Use me, abuse me, make me cry treat me like your toy.""
31 years old
Columbus, Ohio
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Ruby Rose has always been a perfect A* student ever since she was young, even in Primary school she loved her books and studies but, at the same she was always in to sports gymnastics, tennis, baseball and even soccer. Her favourite out of all of these would be gymnastics but, none of this distracted her from getting the top grades of any Primary school student.

Even though in a way she was a nerd mixed with a pretty perfect girl she had all sorts of friends of course a girl like her was always going to be popular. She had some really smart friends, some just pretty girly girl friends, some sporty friends a mix of all sorts which was a good way to be as not only was she good in all sorts of school areas but, she was always so sweet and kind to everyone.

Her top grades and sportiness followed her into middle school along with all her friends, during her middle school years she started developing a body of the blossom beautiful woman. It was then that her male friends viewed her different which was natural but, also her female friends looked at her differently with a more jealous eye. As she continued to grow and be top in everything her friends got together and plotted as the boys wanted to touch her and the girls wanted to bring her down a peg or two. So every time they all hung out and watched movies the girls would just leave her with the boys and these movies and shows often contains subliminal messages directed to changing her, it started off small and they also hacked into her phone to change the music she listened too all of the time including during her sleep. That was the issue with having friends that wanted her who were also smart.

This continued for years and the changes became very noticeable in high school she kept up with cheer-leading and she got high up very quickly but, her grades started slipping very quickly and the way she dressed was becoming more clear she started wearing shorter and tighter fitting dresses, skirts and sometimes even hot pants with the tiniest of tops. Even the way she spoke changed more and more, the way she acted way becoming very clear. She was very much a little Bimbo through and through, being very easy with any guy that wanted her and showed her interest but, every time was like the first time as that was how she was trained.

She was now designed to be the perfect clueless plaything for any guy or girl and if she ever shows like she has any sense or brain power she carries a recording that brings her back to the little Bimbo she is and this contains the simple saying everyone should know to make her the perfect easy little pet she is meant to be. “Barbie Bimbo On.” A thing that has been used over and over.... yet the one to change her back to the way she was before has never been said. So she will always be the pretty little Bimbo.... just remember the code words for whenever she steps out of line.

(There is a list of other kinks if you want to see and Ruby can always be played as the girl she was before she turned so you can have her turning into the Bimbo. She can also be played in two age groups either a high school girl or a collage student. If you want to see the kinks just follow the link.) https://www.f-list.net/c/sweetie pie ruby/

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